Instructions for this Experiment



The web page pictured at the left announces the first of 40 encyclopedia articles you will search for to complete this experiment. The first 8 items are just practice items.

STEP 1. Click on the underlined link, which tells you the title of the article you are going to search for next – in this case, "Monet, Claude Oscar."



STEP 2. Notice the description of the article in the upper box of the web page pictured on the right. Carefully r eading that description makes it much easier to find the article.


STEP 3. Pick the link that you think is MOST likely to take you to the article.



NOTE: After you do the first 8 items of this experiment, you will start seeing other web pages instead of the one pictured at the right. The procedure you follow, however, stays exactly the same.





STEP 4. After you click a link on the web page above, you will see a web page with a an alphabetically-organized list of encyclopedia articles that are nested under the category link you just selected. The image at left shows the alphebetically-organized list of articles that you will see if you click the link "Famous Artists." Does the article title you are searching for — Monet, Claude Oscar — appear in this list? If yes, then "Famous Artists" is the correct topic, and all you have to do is lick the link Monet, Claude Oscar.


STEP 5. If the title you are searching for is not in the alphabetically-organized list, click the back button and return to the previous page to select a DIFFERENT category link. No matter whether you get the right list on the first try or the tenth try, when you find the title you are searching for, click the link.



STEP 6. The "CORRECT ITEM!" box leaves no doubt that you have found the article you were searching for. Now just click "Take me back to the original list of items so I can search for the next item on the list."



BACK TO STEP 1. Now you are starting to search for the second encyclopedia article out of 40. Keep on going through the same six steps until you have found all 40 articles. When you click on the link in the CORRECT ITEM box of the 40th article, you will end up on a special web page that thanks you for doing the experiment and tells you to find the experimenter. Your certification for completing the experiment and yourfeedback sheet will be ready for you.


FEEL FREE TO ASK THE EXPERIMENTER QUESTIONS AT ANY TIME DURING THE EXPERIMENT. Occasionally something goes wrong with the website. If you don't understand something, just ask. If the website does not seem to be working right, please let the experimenter know. You will get credit for doing the experiment even if the website goes completely nuts.



SPECIAL STEP WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER THIS WEB PAGE. To make sure it does not take you longer than 50-60 minutes to finish the experiment, we prevent you from spending longer than 150 seconds to locate the article. When you encounter the web page pictured below, just click the link. It works the same way as clicking the link in the CORRECT ARTICLE box. Please do not feel under time pressure. On real websites, most people would give up and leave the web page if it took 150 seconds to find the right link.


Thank you for your time, and good luck!