AutoCWW Research Program

Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS), University of Colorado at Boulder

Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Institute of Cognitive Science. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0344, phone 303-859-5060, fax 303-492-7177

Readability evaluation tool

Readability evaluation tool (prototype v 1.3, 223K) for science writers, medical writers, and experimenters using expository texts. Add-in to current versions of Microsoft Word for Windows. Contact Marilyn at if you need a version of the tool for Macintosh platform.

Instructions for temporary installation of Readability Evaluation Tool (27K) as an add-in to Microsoft Word for Windows.

Manual for using Readability Evaluation Tool v 1.2 (434K).

Analysis of experiment and submitted paper

Dipti Mandalia's M.S. Thesis (April 2004) on user-centered design and evaluation of the Readability evaluation tool (1.1MB).

Submitted paper. Data analysis deletes only four subjects with no pretest score and one outlier with a learning gain that was more than 2 standard deviations below the mean (posttest minus pretest = -10).

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