Psyc 4145/5145 Cognitive Psychology

Taught by Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, Ph.D. (University of Colorado, 1999)

Investigating how the human brain processes information

Appointments with Dr. Blackmon
Assignments for lecture and lab and PDF downloads
Brain anatomy and cognitive neuroscience
ClickerQ point totals
Customer reviews: Client-centered course design
Essays: Mastering evidence-based practice and becoming wise consumers of research
Lab resources: lab research project, step by step
PowerPoint posters
PowerPoint talks/presentations
Undergraduate Research Day: Invest in yourself
Web of Science and APA style tutorials and exercises
Winning at the finish line: Monitor total course points
Where to tomorrow? Enough research experience for grad school
Where to tomorrow? Applying cognitive psychology to your professional career
Where to tomorrow? Career Mentors
Where to tomorrow? Letters of recommendation

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